The Design Studio will engage students in the study of housing issues and precedents that incorporate the social, urban, and architectural agendas into a cohesive whole. Student work will be uploaded here throughout the semester.

JAN. 16 – MAY 5, 2018


The Housing Northwest Arkansas Design Studio is one of several advanced option studios taught during the 2018 spring semester at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Studio classes begin January 17 and conclude with final reviews the first week of May. The studio is taught by guest instructors Anne Fougeron, FAIA, of Fougeron Architecture in San Francisco, Kent Macdonald of California Polytechnic State University, and Fay Jones School instructors Alison Turner and Carl Matthews.

Twenty-five fourth- and fifth-year undergraduate students in the professional program are enrolled in the Housing Northwest Arkansas Design studio. Beyond the accomplishment of housing design proposals, based on Northwest Arkansas sites, studio products will include a print publication, a webpage, and a design exhibition.

The design studio syllabus covers mixed-income housing, attainable housing, and mixed-use design concepts through the exploration of housing precedents and design exercises. Students will be introduced to the concept of “Missing Middle” housing and the benefit these housing types create for communities. Student work will be uploaded here throughout the semester.


This advanced option studio will explore the nature of housing in American cities, with an ultimate important focus on the specifics of attainable housing in Northwest Arkansas. This studio is premised on the belief that this exploration of the local and the national will provide students with the perspectives and tools to work effectively in practice both in this region as well as across the nation. This topic is especially interesting because it offers the potential to work at three different scales at once:

> At the scale of a single dwelling unit suited to the needs of daily living for individuals or families;
> At the scale of a building that is home to a community of people;
> And finally, at the scale of a neighborhood and a city, where the building must be considered in the context and scale of its surrounding uses, architectural traditions, social patterns, and overall urban form.

During the semester, the studio will look at the work of several architects and communities across the country. Though these examples work within the existing typologies of multi-family housing, they are also pushing boundaries, producing alternatives that are more sustainable, that are more economically and socially diverse, that provide more opportunities for social interaction, that provide more support for the activities of daily living, and that revitalize or invigorate our neighborhoods and cities.

In addition to precedent studies, research assignments, and short-term focused exercises, the main project for the semester will be the design of a large-scale, multi-family project on one of three sites in Bentonville, Arkansas. One focus will be on understanding the so-called “missing middle,” the mid-density dwelling types that are key to greater access to affordable and attainable housing. In February, the studio will take a field trip to San Francisco, touring local architectural firms and visiting exemplary housing projects.

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Anne Fougeron, FAIA
Fougeron Architecture, San Francisco, California

Anne Fougeron has been practicing architecture for over 30 years. In 1986, she established Fougeron Architecture and has built it into a nationally recognized design firm, with works ranging from commercial to civic to residential and multi-family housing. Her work is defined by her innovative use of structure, materials, and natural light. Anne’s vision was to create a practice dedicated to finding the perfect alignment between architectural site, idea and built form. She succeeded. To date, the firm has received over 50 design awards and has been featured in over 200 publications. Anne is committed to advancing the field of architecture. She has served on over 20 design juries, provided pro bono work to various non-profit organizations and given architecture lectures around the world. Anne has also taught architecture design to undergraduate and graduate students at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and at the University of California, Berkeley, where she served as the Howard Friedman visiting professor of professional practice from 2003-2004. She received a B.A. in architectural history at Wellesley College, and a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

Anne Fougeron

Kent Macdonald
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California

Kent Macdonald has taught in every area of Cal Poly’s architecture program, though focusing primarily on second- and fifth-year studios, lower-division practice activities, and the professional-practice course. He practiced architecture for over 20 years, both on his own and with firms in San Francisco, New York, and Washington D.C., with the bulk of this work focused on multi-family housing. This included many affordable and special-needs housing projects as well as large-scale community revitalization initiatives, including several HOPE VI projects. In the early 2000s, he was part of a HUD-sponsored initiative to introduce New Urbanist principles to architects and planners in China. With awards both for his teaching and his architectural work, Kent was strongly influenced by his own instructors, nearly all of them practitioners who were deeply engaged with the world; in turn, he seeks to imbue his students with a sense of the power of architecture to shape the environment for the common good. He received both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kent McDonald

Alison Turner
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Community Education, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, University of Arkansas

Alison Turner has taught core studio and technology courses for the school for 10 years. She is particularly interested in the origin and evolution of regional architecture and the merging of past models with contemporary ideas around the nature of environmentally responsive architecture. She has taught sustainable design workshops and seminars for the school and leads the School’s efforts in community outreach programs to teach young students about design and the profession of architecture. She coordinates the Fay Jones School’s Design Camp and other outreach efforts across the state. Alison received a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Kansas State University and an M. Arch. degree from Parsons School of Design. She has practiced architecture in New York and Fayetteville.

Alison Turner

Carl Matthews
Interior Design Department Head and Professor, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, University of Arkansas

Carl Matthews has been with the school for five years. As head of the Interior Design Department, he provides leadership and vision for the future of the department and oversees its academic and administrative operations, in addition to teaching. He has served on the leadership group for the Interior Design Educators Council and on the board of directors of the Council of Interior Design Accreditation. Carl previously taught interior design and historic preservation at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture, and has lived, worked, and taught in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Italy, Mexico City, and Nebraska. His award-winning projects include large-scale commercial and small residential projects. He received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Science in Interior Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Carl Matthews


Caleb Bertels

4th Year Architecture

Caleb is the secretary of Tau Sigma Delta Honors Society. Through internships with Cushman & Wakefield and Brya Architecture, he has experience with commercial and residential design. Caleb is the recipient of the University of Arkansas Chancellor’s Scholarship and the Harrison French and Associates Designing with Technology Scholarship. In the fall of 2018, he will also study in Rome.

Victor Iwunwa

5th Year Architecture

Victor is from Nigeria. He transferred from the University of Nebraska Omaha. Through internships with bricks International Concepts Ltd and Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, He is interested in urban development and mid- to - high rise design. Also, Victor was part of the few students selected for the super-jury sophomore fall semester ''commercial office'' studio.

Sarah Kardell

4th Year Interior Design

Sarah is an active member of the ASID student chapter and is a part of the mentor program. She has studied abroad in Rome at the University of Arkansas Rome campus. She is the recipient of the Third Year Book Award and is the Teaching Assistant for the third year studio. Sarah is also an Angelo Donghia Scholarship Nominee.

Khai Adderly

4th Year Interior Design

Khai is an active member of the ASID student chapter and has studied abroad at the University of Arkansas Rome Center. She is a member of the Caribbean Student Association and interned in the Bahamas over the summer of 2017. Khai is interested in tourism and hospitality design.

Julia Gairhan

5th Year Architecture

Julia is an Arkansas native. She is a member of the honors college, and upon completion of this semester, she will receive her Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in History of Architecture and Design. Last fall she completed her honors thesis, titled “Still Learning from Las Vegas,” that was a continuation/reexamination of Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour’s 1972 seminal book. Julia has spent the last two summers working internships and gaining valuable experience; summer of 2016 was spent working on commercial projects in Fayetteville, AR with Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects, and this past summer she worked in a healthcare design studio with Lionakis in Newport Beach, CA. Currently, she is working as a teaching and research assistant within the Fay Jones School of Architecture+Design.

Nicholas Wise

5th Year Architecture

Nicholas balanced his studies in Architecture with several part-time jobs in, around, and outside architecture. After working in the Fabrication Lab for the Fay Jones School as a technician, he worked as a research assistant for Dr. Elysee Newman where he started research on 2D and 3D visualization. This lead to the opportunity to co-curate a mixed-reality exhibit about the life and work of Buckminster Fuller. Following this project he began work for the Tesseract Center of Immersive Environments and Game Design, where he is currently working on an interactive virtual walkthrough of the Fay and Gus Jones House as well as a project involving the study of pompeian houses in VR. In addition to Tesseract he is working part-time for the Center for Advanced Spatial Technology where he is preparing a paper on the modernization of architectural representation in the field of archeology.

Hayden Bramel

5th Year Architecture

Upon graduation in May 2018, I plan to continue to practice in Rogers, Arkansas. Having lived in Rogers for 16 years, I am well aware of the issues our communities are facing. My education has prepared me to develop works that respond to suburban sprawl and activate our environment for the betterment of our communities. While studying abroad in Europe, I was exposed to the European alternatives of designing communities that are environmentally conscious, socially connected, and surprisingly elegant. My current studio project is focused on designing a series of multifamily housing units for downtown Bentonville where I am investigating these philosophies and employing them in our suburban environment.

Claudia Contreras

4th Year Architecture & Interior Design Minor

Claudia is the Vice-President of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) and a member of Fay Jones Student Ambassadors. During the Summer and Winter break of 2017, she interned at Benchmark Group in Rogers, Arkansas, where she had the opportunity to travel and work on commercial projects. Claudia will be studying abroad in Mexico City, the Summer of 2018, followed by graduation on December 2018.

Sydney Davis

4th Year Interior Design

Sydney is the ASID student chapter secretary for 2017-2018 and is a Teaching Assistant for Digital Media. She studied abroad in Rome 2016 and interned with Wilson Associates during the summer of 2017. Sydney is the recipient of the Andrew A. Kinslow Scholarship and a 2017 Donghia Scholarship Nominee.

JanieBlair Luft

4th Year Interior Design

Janie Blair is an active member in the ASID student chapter and serves as the treasurer of ASID. She has had internships in residential design and commercial design and would like to focus her career in commercial workplace, hospitality, and retail design.

Joe Willems

5th Year Architecture

Joseph Willems is a 5th year architecture student and a member of AIAS. He has studied abroad in Rome at the university of Arkansas Rome center. Joseph has interned in New York at firms specializing in housing design. He is considering careers pursuing housing and institutional design in New York.

Michael Young

5th Year Architecture

Michael is an Arkansas local and active member of AIAS. He has recently study abroad in Rome at the Arkansas Rome center and has interned in locally in Northwest Arkansas since 2015 at Core States Group and currently at Resource design. Michael is intending to establish a career in residential architecture, and modern timber construction in architecture.

Erik Betancourt

5th Year Architecture

Erik Betancourt is an aspiring architect from Dallas, TX. Erik recently studied abroad in Rome at the University of Arkansas Rome Center. He has completed internships at Dealertrack Technologies, CR Architecture + Design, and HH Architects in Dallas. Erik’s interests include art, music, fabrication, and social issues in architecture. He intends to establish a career in social architecture, including affordable housing, nonprofit work, and housing and education for the disabled and disadvantaged.

Sara Lamont

4th Year Interior Design

Sara is proficient in design software programs and is confident in her hand drawing skills.  She has been a Teaching Assistant for Digital Media and Architectural History. Sara interned at the Fayetteville Botanical Gardens during the summer of 2017, helping in their events department and putting together a sponsorship package.

Shadia Rassoul

5th Year Architecture

Shadia transferred from her home country Panama with a full scholarship from The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Panama. She is a 5th year student currently pursuing a Bachelors in Architecture with a minor in History of Architecture and Design. She is interested in social housing and has interned for one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Panama and Central America, Mallol Arquitectos. She is the recipient of the Dean's Award for the Comprehensive Design Studio in the Fall of 2016 as well as Fourth Year Student Book Award. In 2018, she was invited to be a member of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society and received the distinction of Design Futures Council Scholar.

Amanda Collen

4th Year Interior Design

Amanda is an active member in the ASID student chapter serving as the organizational chair and head of the mentor program. She is also the president of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society. During the summer of 2016, she studied abroad in Rome. Amanda has interned at Earl Swensson Associates (ESa) in Nashville working on healthcare, education, and workplace design projects. She is also the recipient of the North Arkansas District ASID Design Scholarship.

Christopher Galindo

4th Year Architecture

Christopher has worked for SILO AR+D with Frank Jacobus and Marc Manack for NeoCon 2016 in Chicago to bring awareness to material waste. Arche Works was the office in charge of the NeoCon 2016 and with their help make “Softcore” a reality. Christopher plans on working in Austin, Tx and would like to intern with Bercy and Chen along with a number of other firms.

Audrey Ward

Audrey is in her fifth and final year before graduating with a Bachelors in Architecture and minors in both Interior Design and History of Architecture and Design. After studying abroad, Audrey backpacked around Europe and explored her love for travel. Upon graduation, she plans on spending a few months travelling around South America before returning to Dallas. Audrey has interned with Dallas based residential firm, Bodron + Fruit, and looks forward to continuing her interest in residential and small commercial design.

Hunter McCalla

4th Year Interior Design

Hunter just recently completed a three month internship in Chicago, IL with a hospitality firm called Simeone Deary Design Group and would like to move back to Chicago when she graduates. She is interested in exploring all areas of small to medium scale commercial design.

Isaac Stanton

4th Year Architecture

Isaac has completed internships with Lewis Architects Engineers and L&L Metal Fabrication over the past two summers. He is interested in working across multiple scales, designing rich public spaces and intimate private spaces. Upon graduation in May 2019, he hopes to gain many years of experience before creating his own design studio.

Gretchen Stocker

4th Year Interior Design

Gretchen is an active member of the ASID student chapter. She has interned for residential design firms and would like to pursue a career in residential and commercial design. Gretchen traveled to Rome during the summer of 2016 to study interior design.

Sarah Winstead

5th Year Architecture

Sarah is a honors college fellow majoring in Architecture and minoring in Spanish. She has served as both the Chapter President and the Student AXP Mentor of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design chapter of the AIAS, and is also involved in the Tau Sigma Delta Honors Society. Sarah has been named a Design Futures Council Scholar and is currently working to publish a thesis based around applications of empathy theory in design.


Student work will be uploaded throughout the semester.


The Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design invites you to join us for one of our public lectures presented by Housing Northwest Arkansas Initiative visiting professor Anne Fougeron on the topic of attainable housing.

February 12, 2018 / 4:30pm
Public Lecture: Anne Fougeron
Ken and Linda Sue Shollmier Hall
Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

February 13, 2018 / 5:30pm
Public Lecture: Anne Fougeron
Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, AR